Album2 :: With automatic face recognition
Do I have to pay for one year of online backup in order to download photos that Album2 have digitalized?
No! You have one month to download or share the photos free of charge. However, if you pay, Album2 offers you many features for organizing and sharing of old photos.
Could Album2 send me digitalized photos on a DVD or something?
We can send you the photos on a USB memory stick. It costs 150NOK. Download during Album2 slideshow is free.
Is AS safe? has been working without any uncontrolled stop during 10 years. Today we have around 3000 active users. The last complaint was about an error that was corrected 3 years ago.
How do I enter my Album2 photo archive?
Start in your favourite browser. Click the Log icon up in the right corner. Enter the e-mail address you have sent Album2. If you enter a wrong password, the right password is automatically and immediately sent to your e-mail address.
Who can see the photos Album2 scanned for me?
Only you! You can give and revoke access with immediate effect.
Can my family download photos from my account?
Yes. Click the tab Network. Add the recipients’ e-mail address to a group (like family) that should have the right to download.
Can Album2 use my photos beyond my control?
No! Never.
For how long do Album2 keep the photos that you digitalize for me?
One month if unless have a paid subscription.
How do I pay?
We send invoice pr. e-mail after the work is done. Any more questions? Phone 90 74 73 41 or write to Support is free.
Can Album2 scan slides, negatives and film?