It is with great pleasure that the Album2 team welcomes you as a member. We shall help you build family community and history. “We” are Album2.com AS with the address: Nedre Hagavei 15, 2150 Årnes, Norway, registration no. 912 022 870. Editor and CEO is Sveinung Dammen, Oslo.

When you start to use Album2, you are committing to the following terms:

  1. You will be charged $13.50 for 6 months in advance for the use of Album2. Payment alert is sent by email thirty days before due date. During this period you will also be alerted when you log on to Album2. After the due date the service will close until payment is registered. An account that has NOT been paid for during a period of 24 months may be deleted by Album2.
  2. Album2 can block content that the Album2’s editor considers offensive, intrusive of privacy, or a copyright violation. You will be warned and the content will still be available to you. If such violations happen repeatedly, the editor can terminate your account.
  3. Do not use Album2 for business purposes without Album2 consent.
  4. If Album2 terminates your account, you can still dowlnload your pictures within 90 days after your account termination. Refunds are available for credits over €6.00.

Album2 guarantees:

  1. You can terminate your subscription any time. Please send us an email with "Please terminate my account" in the subject line to support@album2.com. You will have practically unlimited storage (100GB and you can ask for more) for your private photos. Professional photo files (larger than 5MB) will be resized, otherwise refused. You decide whether the original file is to be stored or copied in HD resolution (faster upload).
  2. The content (apart from your name and profile photo) will only be available to persons you share with, UNLESS you mark an album with the code "All Can See" in which case it is accessible and searchable to any Internet user. Access can be revoked at any time with immediate effect. You can open access of the original files to a group of people, but it is your responsibility to understand how the sharing mechanisms perform.
  3. Privacy and intellectual property are our highest concern. All content that you supply is and will remain your property. Album2 can not transfer content to anyone unless you have decided to do it.
  4. If you have bought prints or other photo products with poor quality, you can send them back for a full refund within 10 days after you received them.
  5. Album2 pays indemnity for any damage up to the total that you have paid for the last 24 months .
  6. You can also pay a one time fee of $800 and have a life time subscription». Even when a member having an life time subscription» dies, Album2 guarantees that the content is safeguarded. Any album that is marked "All can see" will be copied by The Norwegian National Library and safeguarded in a 1000 years perspective.
  7. If you terminate your account, the content is immediately made unavailable for anyone, but you. Album2 will physically delete the photos after 6 months.
  8. Album2 is responsible for the credit card transactions processed on this page.

Guidelines for "All Can See" access category:

  1. Follow good internet ethics.
  2. Follow Album2 guidelines for access to different types of content. "All can see" marked photos will be copied to the Norwegian National Library and kept there in a Thousand years perspective regardless of your later editing.
  3. If the faces are recognizable, don’t use the "All Can See" mark unless you have the consent of the persons in all photos (if minors, their parents' consent).
  4. Respect intellectual property. Ask the owner of a photo if you can incorporate it in your album if it was not you who took the photo.
  5. Do not use content that could be considered pornography, campaigns against ethnic groups or other things that can be considered offensive against anyone.

Album2 can change commercial terms and conditions with a three months notification. Please contact us if you have any questions about these terms.