Sveinung and Album 2 did a major job by scanning not less than 7000 paper photos that had been laying in their photo envelopes for years . Great job and friendly price – so now I can enjoy the pictures.


Jon Morten Melhus |

We have been using Album2 since 2004.
A lot of photos from small and big moments are in our collection.
Now parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents can see the photos of their hopeful skaters over many years. It is great to link to the photos from our home page.
Thank you, Album2.

Lars K. Brechan | South Trøndelag scating liga

On Facebook I was made aware of Album2. They proposed a solution to a problem that I have had for many years.  Finally I have got my old family albums copied and at the same time got a digital copy of my albums and all the photos that thus can be shared with my family locally and in foreign countries. Hurrah! The solution was elaborated through a good and interesting collaboration. Very good solution in the end.
Best regards
Helle Renner Fredriksen.

Helle Renner Fredriksen

Album2 copied for me an old family album with photos back to the fiftieth. Many black and white photos and colour photos has been somewhat blurred over time. I was very impressed about the quality of the album copy. Some of the copies was sharper and with better colours than the old worn out originals. Thus I will recommend Album2 to people with similar thoughts. Do it before it is too late! Especially colour photos from the 70thies has for some reason got a brown hitch and are more and more blurred over the years.

Ragnar Sørlie | Center leader

Album2 copied my album from my childrens childhood. This was a very popular Christmas gift to my children. The photos was as good as the original ones.

Kind regards Liv